How does a fresh cut subscription work?

Clients can choose from weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks) or monthly deliveries of fresh cut floral arrangements for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription commitment.  Subscriptions have an order minimum of $75 per delivery, and can be increased as your budget allows.  Delivery is included in the price of the subscription; tax is additional.  For example, for a bi-weekly subscription at $80, our client will spend $171.64 in February ($80 + $5.82 tax per delivery = $85.82 x two deliveries = $171.64).  

6-month subscriptions save 5% off the 3-month price, and 12-month subscriptions save 10%.  The order value can be put to a single large arrangement or can be allocated between multiple smaller arrangements to set around your house.  

How does an outdoor container subscription work?

Clients can choose from three subscription options (Spring/Fall, Summer/Winter or Four Season) and a design plan will be carried out to transition smoothly from season to season.  In this way, the cost of planter preparation and permanent materials can be evenly spread between multiple seasons, and the final planter design is more cohesive throughout the year.  

The cost of the subscription will be determined upon consultation, and is largely determined by the size of the container and complexity of design.  Pricing begins at $75.  At this time, MuseFlora does not provide ongoing maintenance (no daily watering, deadheading or weeding) between seasonal plantings.

MuseFlora accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.  Payment must be processed before delivery can take place.

When do I pay?

What is an "a la carte" purchase?

"A la carte" references orders that are not part of a subscription.  Generally, these are arrangements that senders wish to give to another on a special occasion, or clients looking to add the occasional houseplant to their space.  Or, this might include event work.  The MuseFlora design studio is not your typical retail flower shop; our containers and fresh goods are stocked for the unique styles of our current subscription clients, and therefore we must approach these requests with advance planning.  We will happily work to accommodate requests for a la carte orders from current subscription clients.  

A la carte fresh cut orders for delivery begin at $65; a $12 delivery fee and tax will be applied.  Requests for delivery outside our standard area of service may incur additional costs.  

Contact us!  Think of MuseFlora as your personal florist- not your impersonal floral wire service.  We want to know you as an individual; let's bring back the art of actual conversations.

How do I place an order?