From Here with Jeffry Lusiak: Episode 13 with Cana Potter

“From Here with Jeffry Lusiak”: Conversations with artists and entrepreneurs about the creative hustle


This podcast features guest Cana Potter, Owner of MuseFlora

Episode 13: Foundations

Airs April 9, 2019

In this episode we begin our conversation with Cana Potter, Owner and Founder of the subscription floral studio MuseFlora.

Today, we’ll get to know a bit more about Cana, her business and how she prepared herself to take the leap. We’ll also chat about personality quizzes, wild successes, and that moment you realized, yes….this is what I’m supposed to do.

-Jeffry Lusiak describing Episode 13 of his podcast, "From Here with Jeffry Lusiak"

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Who is Jeffry Lusiak?

Jeffry is a CTA Certified Coach offering direction in your career, your presentation and your group facilitation. Jeffry and Cana first met at mutual friends’ holiday party and fell into easy and memorably fun, uplifting conversation about our forays into entrepreneurialism, the surprising challenges we were navigating, and the passion behind our choices. Discover who he is and what he does for us on his website:

What is the podcast “From Here with Jeffry Lusiak” all about"?

In his own words, “From Here” is “Conversations with artists and entrepreneurs about the creative hustle.” In the first and second seasons, Jeffry interviews a handful of guests, and each interview is broken into bite-sized 10-minute episodes, which are aired on Tuesdays throughout the season. The Season 2 theme is RESILIENCY. Meet the guests and find a description of Season 2 episodes on Jeffry’s webpage:

Catch up with Season 1, whose theme is DRIVE & DETERMINATION, on Jeffry’s webpage:

Where can you subscribe to the FREE podcast?

You can find the full first and second seasons of “From Here with Jeffry Lusiak” on iTunes, TuneIn and Spotify. Direct links to these options can be found on Jeffry’s webpage:

When are Cana’s other episodes airing?

A new 10-minute episode airs every Tuesday from April 2 - May 28, 2019. Cana’s episodes debut on

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