Flowers Are Sexxxy Superheroes

Warning, adult themes in this blog are not censored.


Ever wonder why we're drawn to flowers?

Magnetic, alluring, enticing.  Beautiful.  And, trust me- you and I are not the only ones who think so.  Flowers exist to be attractive.  Literally.  

Their job on the plant is to entice pollinators, so the birds and the bees can move the pollen (a.k.a. the sperm) to the pistol (the vagina).  Pollen goes down this sticky tube to the ovary, where the plant's eggs are waiting to be fertilized.  And, so, a new seed is born.  Loving that velvety red rose?  Put a pair of stiletto boots on that bloom, and you're basically looking at a can-can burlesque at a brothel.

But, oh- let us not forget that these sexy little wonders are the reason the plant continues to exist on the earth.  They're saving their species!  

You're saving their species by buying them from your local florist (ahem...), thereby prompting the growers to continue caring for the plant.  So, continue to be seduced by the sexy superheroes of the plant world.  Give in to their siren call.  For you, dear reader, are also saving the green on our green and blue planet, one foxy flower at a time.


Photo by Silmairel/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Silmairel/iStock / Getty Images
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